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Personal Finance Class Syllabus

By LaQuita Haywood

Personal Finance is designed as the management of money and financial decisions for a person or family including budgeting, credit worthiness, payroll calculations, retirement planning and investments.


This course is designed to be a 9 weeks course (1/2 credit).


Expectations: You are expected and required to come to class prepared everyday. Being prepared for class includes, but is not limited to bringing appropriate writing tools (pencil or pen), notebook, positive attitude, and an open mind and willingness to work with others!!!!! Since this is a computer class no homework will be given, therefore attendance is very important. If you miss class it’s your responsibility to get with me to see if you missed anything.


Classroom Rules

·      Be Prepared

·      Be Cooperative

·      Be Responsible

·      Be Intelligent

·      Be in Uniform

·      No cellphone (electronic device) or earplug is allowed in my lab.

·      No food or drink is allowed in the computer lab.



Material Needed

·      Notebook w/paper

·      Pencil or Pen

·      Calculator



Daily Procedure

·      Personal Needs (Bathroom, Prepare for class)

o   Bathroom-There is enough time between classes to attend to your personal and bathroom needs. In order to maximize instructional time, I will use a bathroom pass system. You will be given 1 bathroom pass for a 9 weeks class. No one can leave the class for the first 30 minutes and the last 30 minutes. You are not allowed to give your pass(es) to another student. No student may leave the classroom during instructional time, unless it is an emergency.

·      Bellringer

·      Instructional Time

·      Dismiss



Grading Scale


         100-90           A

89-80                         B

79-70             C

69-60             D

59 or below  F


ADA Compliance Errors 0